Vojin Rakić

Personal statement


We witness an amazing development of new bio-technologies. I hope to contribute a tiny bit with my work to a better understanding of what is morally acceptable within the bio-technologically possible, as well as to a further development of moral principles in contemporary bio-medicine. The ethical principles I care about are largely Kantian, but in a version that most philosophers consider as a significant reinterpretation of Kant. I hope to achieve these goals with my publications, but I don`t think that this is sufficient. Hence, I established a novel institutional framework: the Center for the Study of Bioethics (CSB). CSB serves as a platform for bioethicists to exchange their ideas. It does so through various activities, among which the organization of major international conferences, weekly seminars and bioethics education are essential. For the same reasons I run a number of other institutions dealing with bioethics: two in the framework of the World medical Association (WMA) and one in the framework of Cambridge University Press. In all this my family is my main source of inspiration. I have two lovely daughters (Thea and Sara) and two great sons (Filip and Andrija/Andrew). They provide meaning to what I do.